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An article posted this past week on the Houston Chronicle website about Texas child support reported that a man in Houston Texas was arrested on charges related to not paying past due Texas child support. Guardian Child Support Enforcement, a private child support collection agency who collects Texas child support believes the story made website headlines because Texas child support arrests are not as common as they should be for failing to pay Texas child support.


Guardian Child Support Enforcement has been collecting past due child support for years and is currently stepping up child support collection efforts to collect more Texas child support through arrest warrants and driver license suspensions. In a recent attempt to collect past due child support for a single mother, Guardian Child Support Enforcement encountered some reluctance by a child support judge in a large Texas child support jurisdiction to sign a child support arrest warrant .However, through persistence and negotiation between Guardianís child support lawyer and the presiding family court judge, the arrest warrant was granted and signed by the family court judge. Guardian is now currently in pursuit of the child support evader for which the child support arrest warrant was issued.


The child support evader for which Guardian Child Support Enforcement is chasing owes more than $50,000 in back child support payments. The child support evader has paid only $600 in the past 6 years. As with most child support cases, the child support evader has the ability to make the child support payments. He just chooses not to honor his obligation to pay the support owed to his children. Additionally, the child support evader has not been hard to track down. He has just never been forced to pay. Therefore, Guardian Child Support Enforcement is utilizing the enforcement tools available under the child support laws to collect the child support payments. The arrest warrant is one of the enforcement tools being used to enforce the child support order.


The custodial parent who needs the child support is a single mother of two teenage children, ages 15 and 17. The singled mother hired Guardian Child Support Enforcement to collect the past due child support payments because she wasnít getting assistance from the state child support agency. This single mother struggles to make ends meet while working two jobs to support herself and her two teenage children.


Guardian Child Support Enforcement says that the Texas Attorney General Child Support Division is a partner in collecting Texas child support payments and would like to see more child support arrest warrants issued for failure to pay child support. Arrest warrants are an effective tool in the child support collection arsenal but donít get used as much as they should for child support enforcement.  

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