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More Summer Activities for Kids

More Summer Activities for Kids at Home on Summer Break

Provided by Guardian Child Support Enforcement





As quickly as the school bus dropped off the children at home for the last time before the start of the summer break from school, it will once again be picking them back up for the first time in the new school year for the start of another year and another day at school. However, before parents pack a lunch and send the kids out to the bus stop, there is still time for plenty for summer activities for kids before the new school bell rings.



Summer Activities for Kids Involving Family Activities


Parents should make a point of planning to visit local points of interest with their family as one of their must do summer activities for kids.  It is not unusual for families to live within 50 miles of a National Park or historical monument and to have never visited one of the places. A friend once reported to me that he had grown up just 30 miles from Mount Rushmore, yet many of his friends and family had not taken the time to go see the wonder of the mountain.  Parents can check with their local tourism bureaus if they are not sure of what points of interest are in their area.  Summer is usually the time of year that we think of taking family vacations so a fun day or weekend trip might be to go and see your state capitol. Many children as students study their home state during elementary school, so a trip to their state capitol would not only be at the top of the list of summer activities for kids but would also serve as a top educational activity for kids as well.


Families who live close to a large city can use the summer break as a great time to take advantage of major league sporting events and include this as one of their summer activities for kids.  Local sports teams offer discounts on tickets through local businesses and even offer discounts on certain nights of the week to attract families out to their sporting event.  Some sport teams offer ticket packages for certain days for children and typically offer a free giveaway, such as a free baseball glove or bat to children attending the event.


Summer Activities for Kids offering Neighborhood Fun


Even within a local neighborhood, parents can often find many fun summer activities for kids. Parents may want to establish a play group with some other neighborhood families that have children close to the same age as their own children. This can provide a time for the children to play together as well as a time for parents to visit with neighbors they may not know well in the neighborhood. Parents may also want to plan a neighborhood garage sale. Parents should encourage their children to have a refreshment stand set up during the sale. This not only involves the kids in the activity, but helps the children to learn about the cost of materials and profit margins. It is also a great way for parents to help their children learn about money and how it works in the economy.  Many neighborhoods now have biking or walking trails that can be a great summer activity for kids which promotes health and exercise for children. Additionally, if a family lives close to a park, a picnic is certainly another way to fill up an afternoon of summer activities for kids.


The bottom line is that a little planning regarding summer activities for kids can help children have a summer they will not forget. Most importantly, parents should plan to spend as much quality time with their children as they can because the years speed by fast.  Summer can offer a somewhat slower pace of life so that parents can enjoy family time to the fullest.


About the Author


The author, Elizabeth Smith, is a 23 year Educator in Lee’s Summit Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City Missouri. Elizabeth Smith is a Librarian in her local school district and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood from William Jewell College in Liberty Missouri. Elizabeth Smith also holds a Masters of Science Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Certification in Library Science from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg Missouri. Elizabeth Smith is writing and developing several children’s books. She tutors children in reading and other educational areas and contributes educational articles for Guardian Child Support Enforcement at

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