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Homework Help Tips

Homework Help

If a child is having difficulty wanting to do their homework each evening, then these homework help tips from Guardian Child Support Enforcement can assist parent in making improvements. As a child progresses through the school setting, homework will become an important tool in their learning. If a parent is experiencing a homework hassle each evening, they should follow this homework help guide to get the child on the right track with their assigned work. These homework help tips will help the child to begin to develop good study skills and become a better student.

  • Each evening, parents should check their child’s backpack for communications from their school. Most teachers have a system for sending the child home with homework. Typically, either a homework folder or assignment notebooks are common forms of parent/teacher communications.


  • Parents should establish a place in the home where the child can work that is free of distractions. Some people use the kitchen table while others have a desk in the child’s bedroom or in a corner of the living room. Television and radio should not be audible by the child during their study time.


  • Parents need to sit down with their child to make sure they understand their homework assignment. Once the parent determines that the child has an understanding of the work to be completed, the parent can leave the child to work, checking back with them as often as necessary to encourage them to complete the assignment.


  • When the child indicates that they have finished their homework, parents should check it over to make sure all blanks are filled and that the assignment is truly done. Parents should help their child place their homework back into the backpack so that it will be ready to go the next school day.

Children often need a break when they first get home from their daily activities. It is a good idea for parents to allow their children a few minutes to have a snack, read a book or Instant Messages a couple of friends. Parents should be sure to set the expectation that the free time before homework begins is a set amount of time (30 – 45 minutes). Parents should make it clear that when the free time expires, it is time to do homework. Then, once the child’s homework is completed, the balance of the afternoon and evening can be spent on other activities.

Too Much Homework

Often, parents complain that the child has too much homework. A good rule of thumb to determine whether a child has too much homework is that a child should have no more that 10 minutes of homework for each level of schooling. As an example, a first grader should not have more than 10 minutes of home work in the evening and a fourth grader should have no more than 40 minutes of homework to do at night. If a child has more homework than this rule on a regular basis then it may mean that the child does have too much homework. If a child begins to start "day dreaming" or is having trouble getting started, parents should set a timer for 10 minutes. Parents should tell the child they have set the timer and they will need to work until they hear the timer go off. When the timer goes off, check back with them to make sure they are progressing in their efforts.

In addition to class assignment of homework, it is recommended that children read each evening. For younger children, parents will need to read to them. As children begin to learn to read, they can read with the parent or read to the parent. It is recommended that children read at least 20 minutes each night or at least 4 times a week to establish a reading routine.

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